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Kim Bedall

Kim operates whale-watching boats during the whale season (mid January until mid March). Kim is herself a recognized specialist for humpback whales - ask for her detailed information brochure in German, English and French.

It is recommended to book whaling trips one or two days in advance to make sure there is enough space on the preferred excursion and to get information on our current program of operations. Whalewatching trips are only offered during the whaling season (ca. mid January to mid March). Other trips are offered throughout the year

Refreshments are provided on the boats and you can be assured of an experienced guide. English is the standard language but some guides speak French and/or German and of course Spanish.

The shop is located on the waterfront (main) road about 100 m from the pier in Samaná harbor (center of the Samaná waterfront).

Kim's Whale Watching Program 2010 download (PDF file, 100 kB)


Kim Bedall
Victoria Marine
POB 53-2
Samaná, Dominican Republic

Tel/fax: 001-809-538-2494

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