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Motomarina operates whale-watching boots during the whale season and arranges boot trips to small islands in the Samaná Bay area and the Los Haitises National Park which is across the bay.

Our company has provided water transport in and around the Samaná Bay (northeast Dominican Republic) since 1994, and is one of the most experienced operators in the area. Our motto is safety and speed and all of our boats are provided with up-to-date marine radio communications, life jackets etc..

Manager and co-owner
Sarah "Lelé" Messina.

Lelé, who speaks English, is also
a registered veterinary doctor.


It is recommended to book excursions and day trips one or two days in advance to make sure there is enough space on the preferred excursion and to get information on our current program of operations. Whalewatching trips are only offered during the whaling season (ca. mid January to mid March). Other trips are offered throughout the year.

Our shop is located on the waterfront (main) road about 100 m from the pier in Samaná harbor (center of the Samaná waterfront).


Lelé & Agusto
Moto Marina Club
Av. Malecon No. 3
Samaná, Dominican Republic

Tel: 001-809-538-2302
Fax: 001-809-538-2202
Email: or

We speak English!!

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